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Methodical approach

We take all necessary steps to ensure that your belongings are safe. Before we startthe paint job, we make sure that the furniture is moved to the center of the room and properly covered. Then we move on to fill holes or cracks in the walls. We pay minute attention towards repairing your drywall.If there is a new drywall installed, we prime and seal the walls first then we paint a finish coat.

Top quality products

We consistently deliver the highest quality painting services for residential, commercial and government buildings and project by using the best quality paint products available in the market.

We use a range of high quality interior primersas they offer great adhesion and helps in impartinga superior top coat performance.

Never have we compromised with quality as we offer a wide range of top-quality coatings and help you in choosing the material which is best suited to your needs.

Best in the industry color selection process

Are you are confused about which colors would best suit your walls? Don’t worry, our experienced team at Reza Painting will provide you full assistance in choosing the best colors that will enhance the beauty of your walls.

Our services are affordable

We give a clear picture about how much our interior painting services would cost you and ensure that there are no hidden costs. Our services are priced just right, keeping in mind the competitive market.


Reza Painting’s team of supremely skilledand experienced painters usethe best equipment and products to give the walls of your house or commercial buildings an exquisite appeal.

Satisfaction guaranteed

Our mainobjective is to provide every customer with excellent service and value for their money.We give topmost priority to customer satisfactionand ensure that the work is done in accordance to their needs and desires.

Want to breathe a new lease of life into your walls? Contact us today for high-quality interior painting services in Balmain, Manly and Mosman.